Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ground for realizing dream!

Strong ground and stronger foundation to build dreams into reality, is very crucial .., ground I refer to as family!
In India women have to work thrice as hard as men to reach the same goals, at the same time result and experience got are thrice as sweet and rewarding too!
There was a stage in my life when I started heading “5ters” full length feature film with 85% visual effects in it, before three years! I felt I have swallowed something I may not be able to completely digest … just when I was feeling it’s really hard work … harder times started at work for me and my team due to recession … challenges of money and survival of the team was challenged! 
I had hard times to communicate my struggle with my dream project, to my family in a way they can relate and support! 
When melting point of my strength started .., for my surprise it was my family who gave me moral support and strength … to hang on! They understood how much that dream means to me and how much it’s making me grow as a person …
My husband, my daughter, my parents and my in-laws, my brothers and sisters, MY Co-sisters …co brothers … aunts, uncles all of them in some way encouraged me and strengthened me.  
This is when I realized, when we fall into deep valleys chasing our dreams! There should be grip of family, which will never let us crash on ground! We have to work hard to climb again but … family thread will always be there to cling on!
5ters – castle of dark master film is one such dream project of mine which is completed and ready to hit the screen this summer… I am so proud to be a big part of this film making!
My family was my ground to build this mega dream!
 I believe, Strong family bounds, make stronger foundation to build dreams into reality!!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I named this blog my growth pills because…

I have come across many people in my life! Who have helped me grow .., each time I meet new people and share a experience of working with them …, I grow as a person I learn new things.., those individuals who I have met and worked with or shared a experience of my life, are MY GROWTH PILLS!
They are called growth pills because they… influenced my life, they changed my perception of life they acted as healing pills to cure my inhibitions to life! They made me strong as a person!!!
I have grown as an individual through some of the wonderful and toughest moments of my life!
By grace of god or blessing of my well wishers, I got in touch with some of the most interesting and amazing people who had strong desires in life to achieve !
Who not only dreamed big but also were ready to sacrifice anything to achieve it and make it a reality.
They are my inspirers, motivators, and growth pills to lead my life into path which has goals to reach … challenges to face …. Mountains to climb with every project …. Deep valleys to fall in hard times and bright lights to follow in life!
My friends, my partners, my family, my team … MY PEOPLE they are true heroes of my life!
This blog is dedicated to all of them … I love them all they truly are